These days in business you must be able to provide exceptional service to your customers. Many times customers will call you and ask you for things you do not do, or services you do not provide. Instead of turning them away, try something new.

Find someone for them and refer that customer to the referral. That customer will tell their friends about it  and that is the best form of advertising that you will ever get. Never turn a potential customer away.

The Referral System allows you to know who you sent to whom and when. Depending on the type of business you are in you can actually generate other business that may come from that referral you just sent your potential customer too. It is a win win situation and should be encouraged. Doctors refer patients all the time. It is  just one example or organizing referrals.

Sometimes you may want to take care of the referral yourself and the software allows you to do that too. Using your own faxing software, your computer can fax the information,  or with an added option, e-mail it to the referral, and they will know it is from you. Generating good will in business build additional business for you. Ok, it is also a business management software package too and does so many things as you will see. The Perfect Business System in a box can be customized.