Les the Handyman, known best to his neighbors as a master-of-all when it comes to work around the house, believes he is on the threshold or perhaps his biggest accomplishment yet. Les Bubik is preparing to launch The Perfect Business System, a stand alone piece of software that is geared to give everything anyone in business needs to keep track of all work-related businesses. He believes it's perfect for small business owners, and is also ideal for accountants and other bean counters in bigger companies because, he says “it does everything for you and you don’t even have to think about it.

"This is made for people who hate computers and people who hate computing,” he says.

"I have always felt that computers were invented to work for people. But I think the opposite has happened. People work for computers and everything in business is more complicated and takes way more work than it needs to be," said Bubik, who lives on Craighurst Ave. in North Toronto.

The idea of the software is to allow the business owner to keep track of everything - there are sections that allow the user to log in customers names and contact information before the software then allows the user quick access to everything from times and dates of -calls. Other information, all of it reachable, is logged in order they are handled, and important dates find their way onto a separate calendar.

A section of the software also lets you automatically dial customers or send them e-mails or faxes, depending on what sort of information they need. The information included in the log of costumers is used to automatically prepare invoices and work orders.

The financial aspect of the program offers a wide range of user friendly boxes and windows that allows the user to keep track of all money issues – bills, payments and other expenses. The software drops the information into several categories so the numbers can be searched and analyzed based on everything from amounts, names and dates paid. There's even a pie graph that illustrates where the money is coming from and where it's going.

Bubik says the software, which more than a decade to build, is geared to allow businesses to follow every aspect of their work with ease – items that require attention pop up on the screen and items that don't need to be dealt with wait in the background.

"I designed it around every aspect of business and I looked how I could save time in every aspect of business," said Bubik, showing off his program in an upstairs bedroom of his home that's been converted into a cramped, computer-filled office.

“And it’s not meant to be compatible with any other accounting program because it because it does it all by itself."

He believes the software, which retails for $399.00, will save the under, at least two weeks worth of time in a year over other methods of accounting and business affairs.

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Town Crier - June 2003

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