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It is true I am now in Europe  but my customers want me to serve them while I am away.  So I have a new Virtual house

now ready to serve you.  many of the tradespeople are the same so you will enjoy the same great service.


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It will only cost you $25.00 and all you have to do is make an appoitment to talk with me and tell me what you think you want to do and I will tell you how you should proceed. I can even ferer you to many of the people I refered you to before. Youy can send me an e-money transfer to

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"Les the Handyman combats indoor air pollution."

Need engineering or design of something but are not sure how to start?


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Les Do you carry screws in your truck. Yes

 Do you come with your own tools? Yes

Do you show up on time?  Yes

Do you clean up after yourself? Yes

Full-time, Any-time, All the time.


Customers tell me all the time, "I can do it myself."  "It will take just 5 minutes." If I only got one dollar for every time I hear it. Let's take dry walling for example.





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So Les, what can you do?

First of all you can drop me in the middle of no-where with a can opener and I will survive,  But I am nothing special. The same for all those who were trained in the militaries of the world including the SAS and Green Berets  or the even more famous U.S. Navy Seals can do even more.

Access Panel installed ,Accounting software Animal Deterrents, Animal runs, animal enclosures, ANIMAL TRAPS, Assorted darkrooms, photographic studios, darkroom equipment,  Basement  renovation  (but do not do that anymore), Basements painted, Basements cleaned out , Basements organized , Bathrooms gutted, bathrooms painted, Bathrooms siliconed, bathroom cabinets modified, Bike racks designed and built, Bicycles designed and built, Bird houses hung and built, built 2 European houses, built two electric cars, built a solar bike
Built an exercise room where the guy can surf the net while riding his bike  
Built garbage hutch, modified an existing  hutch,
cable management (hiding all those computer and stereo wires)  
Cat enclosures built, cat holes cut into doors,  Cedar closets built, Circuit boards designed and built for little projects, Cleaning all types of things like garages or basements, Closets  organized and designed, components for closets designed and created, Clothing store, Computers assembled and software installed, Concrete steps repaired, Cracks in asphalt and concrete driveways repaired,  Cracks in the sides of houses filled, Crown + chair moldings (I can refer this to you), Custom woodworking,  Cut back branches,  Cut lawns, Deck washing  
Decorative  fences and gates designed and built  
Designed all kinds of things, some of which you will recognize  
Designed and built a gun cleaning area for a collector  
Designed and built a loft for a customer  
Designed and built all types of furniture  
Designed and built computer tables  
Designed and built decks of all types  
Designed and built kitchen cupboards  
Designed and built playgrounds of all types  
Designed layout for fliers for customers (my hobby) write training manuals for companies  
Designed and built assorted tree forts – one even had an elevator  
Develop black & white and colour films  
Digital photography – 22 years experience in the photographic industry  
Discounts at Sheridan Nurseries  
Discounts in Mr. Lube  
Door frames replaced and repaired  
Door repair  
Doors hung even a bunny run  (ask Les if you don’t know what this is )  
Drains unclogged  
 A good Lawyer with ethics - to me...this is amazing in itself

Electronic devices assembled  
Electronic devices designed and built  
Electronics - stereos VCRs etc.  
Enlarging closets  
Eves cleaning  
Excellent story teller for kids or adults , Fabricated things from wood plastics and glass, Fashion photographer, Faucets repaired, Fences installed from wood or steel (I have someone to sent you to now), Figured out 'dog runs' for security dogs protecting a fence line, Figured out lots of solutions to many solutions for people to make certain repairs around their homes  
Fixed locks of all different types  
Fixed sticky doors  
Functional iron bars designed  

Garage door maintenance  
Garage door replacement (I can refer you to someone)

Garage door repair  
Garage storage areas  
Garage storage designed + built  
Garages cleaned out  
Gate hardware replaced  
Gates built  
Gates built from scratch  
Gates repaired  

Hasps and pad locks installed  
Help other people build their prefab sheds  
Helped at garage sales (free of charge)  
Helped children with school projects which required power tools  
Helped other people build all types of things  
Helped people move furniture from one location to another  
Helped people shop for fixtures getting them great deals  
Helped property managers with all type of problems  
Horse back riding with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna (one summer one corsage ride) (retired)  

I do not subcontract, I can actually do all these things myself – it is pretty amazing I think!  
I show up when I say I will or I call if I am going to be late  
Ikea Cabinets and furniture assembled  
Installed compartments into Mercedes  

Kitchen modifications and alternations

Kitchen cabinet door replacement

Know a chauffeur service that will pick you up and drop you off, Know a few companies who can manage your property, Know a good company who will waterproof your basement  
Know a good honest mechanic  
Know a good Travel Agency for Seniors  
Know a great place to get an alignment for your car (they are very honest and inexpensive)  
Know a guy who can copy your prints into video  
Know a guy who can scan your pictures for $ 1.00 Can. each within 24 hours  
Know a regular travel agency  
Know a translator from Hungarian to English and visa Versa  
Know a very reasonable, good reliable trustworthy maid  $ 12.00/hr.  
Know Good painters  
Know good Plasterers  
Knows a good accountant  
Knows a good brick layer  
Knows a good Electrician  
Knows a good eves and gutter guy   
Knows A good Family Lawyer  
Knows a good furnace guy  
Knows a good garage door company  
Knows a good Graphic Artist  
Knows a good home inspection/engineering  company  
Knows a good landscaper  
Knows a good Master of Ceremonies for parties and functions  
Knows a good photographer  
Knows a good Plumber     
Knows people who can copy video tapes from American mode to European mode  
Knows people who can help in software support  
Can organize your office so you produce twice as much as before  
can print up your invitations   
Knows where to repair electronic goods  

video tape your party or wedding  - have 35 years photographic experience
Knows where to shop to get great deals on just about everything

Lawn and garden care  
Leaves raked  

Learned how to horse back ride  in the Spanish Riding School of Vienna
All types of locks installed in interior or exterior doors, bolts gate closures  
Loose door knobs tightened  
Lubed +hung  all types of doors and shutters  

Make black and white and colour prints in my own darkroom  
Many decks repaired  
Master of ceremonies at parties  
Minor landscaping  

Modified a wall unit, so a big TV can be hidden in it.
Most people don’t have the time and just want it (whatever) taken care of  
Movies – Have been in  a few and even one in Europe 

Movable shower head  I made 

Offices organized, Old carpet removed and disposed of, Old floor removed  
Organized garage sales for people  
Organized peoples tool rooms  

Painting, inside and out  
Passage locks installed and replaced  
People hire me because they need help with a project  

Photographed  Russian Military installations  and secret bases during THE COLD WAR
Planted flowers for realtors at houses which had to sell fast (ask about your 24hr garden)  
Plastered ceilings  
Plastered walls  
Playgrounds assembled from kits  
Poured concrete  
Privacy locks installed and replaced  
Purchased and installed Christmas lights according to a theme  
Purchased Christmas trees  
Purchased presents for people   
Put up Christmas trees  

Raleigh drove in Germany

Refer customers to other customers who have their own businesses  
Refinish some furniture  
Removal of fallen trees  
Repaired  and installed pocket doors  
Repaired  retaining wall  
Repaired  and built all typed of garbage bins  
Repaired many louver doors many closet doors  
Replace washers in faucet's, replace windows, casement windows too, garage  
Replaced faucets (which I do not do anymore. I can recommend a great plumber)  
Reproduced old photographs for clients and printed them out on colour ink jet  
Restaurants designed and built – training in Hotel restaurant and institutional admin. (Ryerson)  
Rod iron design  
Sailed in many places and on many crafts and even raced  but loved Lake Bodensee the most in Europe
Sanding and sealing,

Scanned in pictures for customers for 2.00 ea.  
Silicone caulking  
Sheds and  rabbit cages with electronic sensors  
Sheds designed and built from scratch
Shelves  of all types assembled and constructed  
Shopped for others to buy tools, , secret rooms, rooms for valuables,  
Shower stalls cleaned  
Small drywall jobs

steel steps with wood  50 years ahead of its time but Europeans have been doing it like this for over 250 years.

Window well construction with door that opens

Smuggled films past "Check POINT CHARLEY"  during  THE COLD WAR.
Snow removal  
Some commercial store front doors repaired, designed a clothing store  
Some people hire me because they do not have a clue but want to learn
Some steel fabrication, Storage bins, Was even interviewed by the KGB twice and an alive to talk about it (is a miracle in itself) You will have to buy the book when it comes out to find out more.
What else can I do ? Plenty....

Hold on to your pants cause here we go!

My rules  
I show up when I say I will  
I call if I am going to be late  
I always inform you of potential problems  
I always try to give you the simplest solutions to problems  
If I make a mess, I clean it up with my own vacuum  
I always start a digital timer when I arrive  
I always stop that timer if I go for lunch  
I work quickly and efficiently because I have little time  
All my work is guaranteed  
Your satisfaction is guaranteed  
Many references available upon request  

I do not subcontract,   you need a contractor when you are building a home.  You do not need one to fix your fence.  If I send you a person, you deal with them directly.  If you like them and hire them, you deal directly with them.  Some give me a small referral fee, some do the odd favour for me and from some I get nothing.  The most important thing to me is a happy customer.   For me, A happy customer is a return customer and  tells  their friends about me.  And this is what I like.