Leslie Bubik Sr. is my Dad who has some 38 patents to his name.  Most of the things that Vulcan equipment is or was manufacturing were invented by him except for two products. 

The only tow truck that could take a car out of a parked place.
I thought if a trailer follows a car with great ease, then this boom thing I came up with may be able, to remove a car from a parked spot.      

Many of his designs have changed the world from a little to a lot.  I have only a few patents and came up with the original concept for the "Vulcan Wheel lift."  When I was 15, my dad came to me and said that if I can figure out a way to tow cars in an easier manner.  In and 15 seconds I came  of this this.

Then we build a model out of wood, then alumninum and  then my dad took it to Mr. alm. the owner of Vulcan Equipment.  He said Yes, then they developed it and soon it became reality.


Within 20 minutes I came up with my conceptual design (I was too young to be an engineer) was the back boom was make entirely of metal.  My dad made the design much better by putting straps on it.  


I designed the concept for this  mechanism above when  I was 15 Not bad for a kid, eh???   I remember that Vulcan Equipment, that that time on 95 Research Rd., and had a prototype within 6 months and had sold a whole whack of them to the Police.

I am very sorry to admit to the fact that you can thank me for designing the first town truck, that could tow a car out of a parked place.   The police loved it  and it make me sick  that for every good idea you will always find someone you will use it for evil purposes.  My father also came up with the wheel dolly.  That is not my idea,  it was all his, Which allowed damaged cards to be towed  at the back as well.

He was also the one who figured out how tro secure the tires of the cars and trucks so they would not slip out of the  holders.  And this changed the world of towing along with my idea. 

You can see how the towtuck changed.  it diodn't take long before  the boom eas removed and the mechanism  was put under the tow-truck which you see all over the world today.


Just look at it.  You cannot see one Hydraulic hose anywhere.  Now that is Design!!!

Look around at that all the Europeans are creating

But today look around at all the garbage out there, even the stuff that is being created in Europe.

In a place where beauty of everything was invented, even they are doing silly things




Later models were made with fancier colors and other newly improved features.   My dad came up with many innovative variations to what this thing could lift.


Eventually the boo, was chopped off and   the tow truck lifted from under  but the one above could do so much more like towing motorcycles

My dad figured out how to hise all the hydraulic hoses so the

towtruck looked "elegant ."  But it didn't take long for the rest of the worl to copy it.  You see, it s=doesn't rreally matter whose idea it was, or who the designer is, or even who was the first to manufacture it.  If you get a patent, then you have 7 years to brink it to market and sell it like crazy because after 7 years everone can jisty copy it.

Thjis part is sad.  You do not collect royalities on it forewver like the way it should be.


Eventually no boom at all and a sleek design emerged which also reduced drag and fuel consumption  but those were all my dads designs.  I had nothing to do with those.




The came the really big stuff which the Canadian Military

(I didn't know we had one)  wanted these tow truck for the field



What about all the things I do not have pictures of

Crane trolley, Forging manipulator, ore feeding conveyer, copy milling machine,  suction oil drilling platforms, production line of laminates for plastic company, for plywood company, machine to make books, for Schick razors he made a machine that would pack 10 razors to every package, press rollers and uni-rollers, grinding wheel press, flying sheer, steering for those military vehicles the navy seals use, steering for all types of specialty aircraft for the U.S. Military,  all types of hydraulic cylinders and switches, production press, deck cranes for the U.S. NAVY, Mobile cranes, submarine rescue equipment,  Air control valves, Special rubber piston seals, assorted furniture and lamps, tire re-treading machines, panel saw, electro hydraulic devices, wheel dollies to carry heavy parts from one end of a factory to another and you should push it with one finger (amazing), wood planer, Sunway tunnel washing machine horse race starting gate which all doors open at exactly the same time.  My dad, now 92 has some 38 patents to his name. And  we are now working on a wind turbine system, that will fit flat on the roof of your  house.  But finding people who are interesting in doing something together????  That is harder than bringing a product to market.

I only have 2  As far as I am concerned I have two too many. And we are working on a  device which will heat European homes for a fraction of the price.  I have tried  to contact companies to do something together.  No one is interested. I just don't get it.


I could make a separate web site just on my dads stuff and it would take me  5 years to compile it.    He eventually figured out  how to tow two cars at the same time. The worlds first.   I  have been living in Europe these past few years and have still seen the boom truck and variations here, but most are pretty ugly.






One year, when I was a kid, in a German Magazine admiring the best designs, in the world.  Of the 4, 2 were ours. COOL Eh?  The Jiffy Jack  was  popular in the racing  circuit for a while because it could lift and drop a car in about a second.

And my cradle snatcher, which I did not come up with the name. Today cradle snatcher means quite a different thing, but it was  quite a different thing.



Assorted Hoists and Tow trucks (big and small)  for Vulcan Equipment CANADA including the big monster above.   Most of the things  Vulcan equipment had produced in the past Automotive related, he designed. He also had a small group of creative engineers.  Ken Murimasu from  Japan and Mike Bogdan of Hungary were the others who helped my dad in the new product development area of Vulcan equipment.


He has single handily designed machines that must be collectively produced trillions in revenue for all these companies over the years  and I guess if you were to take all of them and add their revenues, jobs they created  all over the world combined,   I don't know what comes after trillions  but whatever that number is, I have no doubt it is up there somewhere.  Have you seen these around?



Clinical Engineering? Please remember, I don't sleep much.

My dad designed parts of the military tow truck.  In my opinion they tried to do too much even my dad was disgusted by it. It was , after all , ugly compared to the other stuff we designed



The send cool thing I came up with was the hook lift which the original which was not too great was licenced from aa French company

but which we improved and I cam up wiuth the idea to pow cards whith it and other things, but it just didn't  do well in Canada and we sold the design back to the French company almost  30 years ago.  Who changed the way Europe tranports goods.  we only came up with the iudea, and se sold it to recoop out costs. But it was the French who make it and sold them everywhere in Europe.

We called it the hook lift

I made this demo because there is no real good demo  anywhere and I wanted to sell them in Europe.  I had no idea how successful the product was in Europe.  Thety are everywhere.