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I did not chose the TV Media because I was already famous enough

and all I really wanted to was fix things


I will "strip" for you


I started to release the pressures of being a "handyman Celebrity" by going on the bike paths where the media could not go and ride things I designed But that didn't matter, they caught up with me when I eventually had to ride on the road.


 Doing business on line,  the Hungarian TV  Interviewed me  about doing business on the net.  I basically said that,  The net is an amazing place.  You can find a part  that  you need for you car and then every one from everywhere tells you that they have the part you are looking for. That is the best translation I can give you.


I started to go to bike-a-thon- races charity events.  Anything to get away. 

But no matter where I went....I was always in the news....  Like here  in the Washington post in Washington DC (below)

Or Montreal, in Quebec


Even New York City

When I designed the next thing.   I was cycling so much I needed an easier way to  carry my bikes, hence,  I invented the handy-hoist. and started selling them. no media was really interested until Canadian Tire ordered 15,000 units, but my mom got really sick and I had to walk away from the deal.  That was THE HANDY HOIST

I am not just a handyman, I am an Any-man.  I can do many things.











I have even designed work clothes. But I want to partner with a manufacturer  and perhaps a designer to come up with the series.  Perhaps in my next life.



Then my  small business software started taking off then then   one very big company wanted to buy me out. 



I am looking for a company I can partner with to bring in some real creativity and do something really great together. Being just a little handyman is a complete waste of my talents. However I still love fixing things.  What would probably make me happy is working in a German or Austrian company in their R and D (research and development department) creating new things and it does not matter what it is, I can do it. In fact the more impossible it is, the more fun it is for me  because almost nothing is impossible.  I am living proof of that!




What?? You made your own plates??




Because I like designing and building things and because I already have designed some very cool things the media was always there to write about whatever I was working on.  Including my handy-hoist but what I should have done and just stuck to Les the Handyman.

About 5 years ago at the peak of my game I decided that I needed a woman in my life.

And so I created  a cool web site  to help me with the selection process and  and  I was going to Advertise in the Globe and mail and The Star because I wanted a women with a brain, who liked to have fun and perhaps also liked  construction too.  I think as much as I tried to hide what was going on, the diligent media was  there "sniffing out" another story about me. 



I included it here  because I just want to show you  that just about everything I have created, including trying to find a  woman was in the news. 



  Ich habe mir selbst Werkzeuge  entwickelt, mit denen

 ich effektiver arbeiten kann. Die meisten Handwerker

verzögern die Arbeitszeit, aber ich hasse das.

Aus drei Tischsägen baute ich eine vierte, viel bessere Säge und verband sie mit einem Staubsauger, was nicht einmal die 1700 Dollar kostende Makita damals konnte.    

Ich habe Dewalt-Werkzeuge getestet, damit sie besser wurden. Für weitere Infos  Ich kenne alle Werkzeuge. 


Später entwickelte ich mine Tischsäge weiter. Hier oben sehen Sie ihn mit Batterieaufladern, unten: Arbeit in der Nacht.


If you want  some kind of a tool made that does not exist yet. I would love do it





I could not improve the light  that came with the table much but it uses a bulb which can break, so I found another product and Led light that burns brighter and does not brake so I always have light if it gets dark and I can finish cutting the wood safely for a job I am working on. The  Foldable pail on the right is for small pieces of scrap wood.  It is faster tho throw the wood into it then then throw it out than to pick it all up at the end of the day.  These little things save lots of time and I do it all for my customers.

In 2008  I thought I would build something that would run entirely on the sun.  It was very cool and they wrote about it because I wanted to show it to them and the world.  It was a great full page article. No one wasinterested in it. No Pizza delivery company, or couriour company. I just don't get it. Europe get's it!







I think most of you have already noticed that the Perlaki Mill has a new owner, but who is it? It is Laszlo Bubik (Laci), who came home to Hungary, Gencsapi from Canada. His relatives live here.

Why did you buy the mill?   

My cousin is a very good cook, and I like Hungarian food very much. Now I am trying to loose weight and his wife cook meals so I can do the diet easier.                                                                                                                                    

What do you do?

I can do almost anything. If I have a dream that I want to make true, I do everything for it. It can be a house, a car, a bike (I designed it myself), I build it. I'm quite famous in Toronto as  I designed and accomplished many things there.  The media knew and broadcasted about it. If you are interested in it, you can take a look at it at this webpage: Not only the Canadian media but also the USA, Germany, and Hungarian TV and newspapers.


I should have asked you about this at the beginning: Are you the relative of the actor, Istvan Bubik, the Oscar Winner?

Yes, he was my cousin. We spent a lot of time together, played together in some films, eg. with Eperjes ( he is my best actor friend), Dorka Gryllus. My Parts were generally smaller  or walk-on parts, eg. I played a part of a German tourist. It was a very good experience, we made a lot of jokes. We played together with Istvan the film "The man who slept during the day," which was his last film, before he died in his car accident. I was a handyman and a businessman in Canada and I would like to do the same here in Hungary, Germany and Austria. Next year I am planning to make connections in Italy and France, too.


What does it mean for you, work or business?

Love what I do so it is all fun.

I made a virtual house on the Internet, if you go to, enter it and choose the language, it is  very easy  to go on. Every single furniture, the house or the garden is clickable. If you want to buy or repair something, it will take you to a reliable  workman. I choose them on  the basis of know-how, reliability and values, and I guarantee they are really good workmen. The webpage, the virtual house and the calendar are connected. The orderer can immediately make an appointment, if necessary even with five workmen. You can buy new things, too, the virtual house can take you to the trades people. They are advertised on the webpage. We create the webpage, the graphics, the photos, etc. for the suppliers and trades people. In Canada I was a professional photographer  for twenty years, I took photos mainly models . So this is called a handyman, which worked very well in Canada. I hope it will do in Hungary, too!


Do you have any hobbies?

Yes, my business. And I design and build things for fun

So, your work?

Why is everyone so obsessed by what you do for a living here?

Yes. But I may find a woman one day, who will be more important than my job.

I wish you could find her as soon as possible. You mentioned that you have other ideas, innovations.

Yes. Concerning the telephone and leaving a message: if somebody is not available (e.g. companies), you can leave a message with a special system and with this you can be reached easily. But I am also working on some kinds of furniture, which has more functions.

For example?

There is a bed, which has a built-in monitor, computer, fridge, champagne, glasses, etc. So you can rest and work here also. If the bed gets really hot, the built-in air-conditioning switches on.

So it is really a bed full of extras!

The problem is that with the air-conditioning, we cool the whole house. Canada and the rest of the world. I want to cool only the places where I spend more time. We could save people a lot of money with it. Fresh air should be let in the house, but the cool temperature should be kept in. This can be solved easily while you save some money, too.

I wish your plans and dreams would come true and welcome to Gencsapi

I hope I can help people, which could mean a better life, a better standard of living. I'm not a Mekk Elek", I know what I am doing.

Thank you for this interview.

Laci is waiting for workmen who want to work with him from building industry to car repairing!

If you want to send an email, this is lacis address:

If you can write in English, please do it, but in Hungarian it is also OK.



Mach einenTermin!






you can see what I looked like at 16 in the bottom left  of the picture

And my Diploma below for my Summer University which I did twice.