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When I call you back, you will see it is a Hungarian number.   I am a Canadian Living there and helping my dad from time to time.  I also intend to try to work as a handyman here  in France because I don't like Hungarians  much  and stay away from my royal relatives who think my family is an ATM machine.  If I can do what I love here, then  everything will be  OK.    We will see in time, if I made the right choice.



Q + A

I have  been in business in Canada for mosty of my life and I when I came to Europe and was helping my dad in Hungary, I have to tell you truthfully.  Being in Hungary is like being on Mars.  Many  of its own people know that they are..."unusual." Doing everything backwards is hard to swallow and they think it's normal.  I am writing a book in my spare time.  About my family and how they provided arms to the French Undergound during  WWII , but I am going to dedicate a whole chapter to Hungary.  Nothing can possibley be more screwed up than that  place, even though I am hearing echos if what it is like  to do business here.  So if you  already have a constuction or handyman business and you want more from life,  let's talk.  I have  a system that will blow your mind and your customers will really appriate it too.

I also have connections in Canada and if you like my voice mail system,

I have a guy there who can make it hapopen for much less money than it will cost you here.

Just book me in and let's talk about it.




Before I come to your Place