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From 2012 - 2018 


Construction - safe rooms




Modification of Electric car to increase its'range and speed


Taken a proven Canadian Booking SystemSystem and redesiging it for a European market 





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Skype:       HungarianHandyman

E-mail:           ocdia@rogers.com

Phone and English voice mail Holland 

+31 10 669-0428

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Emergency Number:  +369-420-0122

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Leslie Bubik 


 My Mobile phone +3630 230 8761 

Holand  (English only) + 31 10 669 0428 

Canadian office  (416) 333-3278   

 Les the Handyman  Canada  (416) 484 4611

  I have an EU passport and can work anywhere here in Europe

My automated Virtual House  still serves my customers in Canada

Canadian Born, I came to Europe 5  years ago  to help my aging 96 year old father, then 91  who no longer requires my help.

Now I would like to Work as a Handyman in the Netherlands or somewhere else where the people speak english.

E-mail  Les.fixes.all@gmail.com




  “I love to work! And I will go almost anywhere

and can do just about anything


My career in Business implementing Sales, Marketing, hospitality/residential Design, construction and fabrication for the past 25 years has yielded some pretty interesting by-products including:





To work as a Handyman.  I also love to travel and love the comfort of a motor home better than a car because it is more secure  than a car in Europe.  Anyways:  Mine has cameras all the way around as well as a rotating camera with night vision on the top in case I hear a bump in the night and want to look around without going outside. Cool  eh? 




Functional summary:                 


Over the past 20 years I have successfully contributed to the profits of every organization I work with. As a result of dedicated efforts and astute business acumen, I have not only enabled myself to grow as a person, I have perfected the art of making things happen.  By due diligence and attention to detail


I can plan small events and make things interesting as I managed a singles club for a few years to help out a friend.


I used to be able to play chess with 12 people and win every game.  That was when I was 16.  I can’t do that anymore but still know how the pieces move.  I was also a driver for  a Lawyer in Canada and did it for a summer.  There is not much too it.  It is easy to do. I can sail a 44 ft. Star sail boat by myself and know how to handle myself  on a boat when the weather is not co-operating.  I tried to get my captains licence in Toronto with the Harbourmaster as my teacher.  I passed everything except trying to bring a “twin screw Yaught, parallel to the dock.  I just could not do it.    So you see, I can’t do everything but I can do many things.


I am looking for some work in the netherlands or elsewhere if it is interesting and in English.   In Canada I was making 75-125.00/hr as a handyman, but I had a truck that has ever single type of screw and hardware in it, so when I showed up at a customer’s house, I could fix most things on the spot. I can put a professional tool room together for you in your house  so that most things can be done there.


I am also tech savvy and if your are having problems with your computer, I can make the right suggestions to make it better for you.  Most people suffer in front of theirs but it does not have to be so.  But please understand that I can only do most of these things in English.  I could never fix anything of French Windows on a French computer. 





1972  to  1989 Vulcan Equipment   (Part time)     worked for my father

New Product Development

Other Engineering Projects






1989 to 2012   Les the Handyman  self employed 



I was responsible for:


·         The establishment and implementation of  Les the Handyman

·         Formalization of strategic marketing

·         Total control of importation and research

·         Prepared and directed national advertising

·         Performed construction tasks in the following areas:-

a)   Rough carpentry

b)   Finish carpentry

c)   Running conduit

d)   Designing & building sheds, offices, restaurants, decks, secure & secret rooms

e)   Training staff

f)    Some concrete form building  and concrete repairs

g)   Examples are at  www.LesTheHandyman.com

h)   Helping trades people with customers in times of dispute

i)     Dealing with difficult and unreasonable customers

j)    Driving almost any kind of vehicle

h) Cutting trees down - chainsaw savvy

i) keeping tools repaired abnd screws and hadware sorted

j) Developed software to save time as well as an on;line appointment system so customers could book in my time.


2012 to present 

Helping 96 year father from time to time – he comes from an aristocratic family and is very hard to please and I have been working on my  service system on the side when I have time









Personal Profile:     Divorced with no children


Languages:     English     some Hungarian  & German



Interests: Making people happy. Computer Interests, Construction, Photography, Cycling,  Personal Development, Music, The outdoors, Sailing and Camping.  My favourite one is finding solutions to the phrase “It can’t be done”.

IEEE Associate membership   1986 to 2016

I also have no criminal record, do not smoke and rarely drink

I know a lot about a lot of things.  I have traveled all over Europe and understand many things and concepts of engineering even though I am no engineer.  www.iwantTOwork.ca

Take  a look at some of the things I created.  Two of them  with my father.  The tow truck at 16 and the hook lift at age 27  both changed the way we tow cars and transport goods.


I am trying to get things fixed on my motor home

As you will see at the bottom of this site

I carry my own Satellite internet and Voip communications system


Some pictures of me when I was younger.  I don't think this is so important but .... I guess everyone wants to know what toya you had and where you came from.  My herritage  started in Bohemia in 1411 and I am related to the Leichtenburg and Pletl clans 

A long time ago I used to have a motor bike.  So I can drive most of them.

I love the outdoors, love to make camp fires and this is me collecting wood.  i can also handle a chain saw and know how to drop a tree.

I love Halloween and getting dressed up.  Before the Pirate of the Caribbean movies I came up with this.  No one knew who I was.  it was fantastic.

This is me 10 years ago puting up tile.

I helped out the Hungarian police doing English Hungarian Translation

And I know a guy in France who does English and French translations for a reasonable plrice.

Elis web linke here

This is me fixing a Gate in Toronto and then preparing to fix a crack in the customers driveway

I think I was 43 here  and here I was 30, sailing with a co-worker in his ketch

Doing some simple gradening, I actually know how to plant things

My cousin was an oscar winner in Hungary and every time I came to visit him, they put me in his films.

It was nice when I had to learn my lines and it was also fun being in the promo picture with the other famous actors

I gave my time freely  to help others in construction and this was the group I was assigned to  help


Designers hired me and told me  to make it with out much of a plan, because they knew it would look great when it was finished.  I said I could modify the pergola and replace the wood with a new type of plastic and she said: Go ahead,,,

My truck in Canada and the back of the truck .  I can also do simple graphics for you fast if you give be the text you want. 

Cutting the plastic wood and measuring before the cut.  i will not be able to bring these tools as they are too heavy.  So if you want to make some nice things, you will have to buy some tools. Or Hire other people who have them.

This was a picture before my famous cosuin died.  He was an Oscar winner.  He was on the far left

Here riding a bike I designed and had built.  I did most of the electronics

And me dressed up a little


If you can give me a perminent place to work.  I can bring some 18 v power tools.  I have a good table saw and a compound mitre saw which will blow your mind and a whole bunch of hand tools sanders  drills etc. at my dads place in Hungary.  I am the guy who will do all those little things that no one is interested in doing.  I sqeeky door,  broken tile, a stone out of place are just some of the things I can do for you.  Just send me pictures of the things you need to have fixed  on my skype address at HungarianHandyman  .