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You  actually do not need to register or sign in the use the Virtual house only when  you make an appoitment with a comapny.  Companies will need your basic information anyways so instead of excplaining your basic information over and over  again, all you do is find someone who you need and book them in.  When you are done, all you have to do is register  or signin if you have already registered before. 

Everybody else wants you to signin first.  But why sign-into a site that you you nothing about?  We decided to take another approach on this.  We want to show you how good our site really is and when you are satified and when you make an appoitment with  oneof the businesses, you can  register there.  Also once you register  youcan go back and make more appoitments with other people. You can even arrange trades people or Handworkers to come to your house in one day, rather than waiting for many different trades people to come on many manys.  This will have you lots of time and you won't  have to worry how late they come because you already hace another guy there working.


Also  You only have to stay at home once rather than 3 different times, which is much more convenient for you.

 If you have any questions or improvement ideas

email the owner at 


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