History of the Les the Handyman Song


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One day about 25years ago a friend of mine came over with his guitar and we both got a little drunk and came up with a Les the Handyman Rhapsody.  You have to understand that I am not much of a drinker and two beers later I was feeling pretty good. 

This song was sooooooo silly and funny, that I was crying, because I was laughing so hard.

I recorded it onto a mini tape recorder and called up the some 300 radio stations in Toronto and left messages thinking  that perhaps  one may call me back for an interview. 

The problem was that most of them called me back for many interviews.

One of those stations approached me and said to me that if I cut the song professionally, and register it and release it for  them, so they do not have to pay me royalties, then they will make me even more famous.

I though about it for about  3 seconds and said OK!

The studio time and  hiring unionized people with instruments and copywriting the song were expensive for me, but the benefits were....well...fantastic!

It turned out that I had a knack for writing songs.  I had no  idea there is such a profession. I thought singers wrote their own songs.

However the disadvantages were that I was getting no work done fast.  Everywhere I went I was hearing that song and people loved it...!  In fact they could not get enough of it.

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Then ad agencies started to call me to sing their diaper commercials.  Sorry I had to draw the line there.


The last thing I did was have a talk show  with Ted Walishin on CFRB and the Les the Handyman Hour every Saturday Morning;- Where people would call in and  I would answer their questions.  I didn't like it very much and soon stopped.  When we were talking about decks, people would call in about  roofing.  I didn't like that especially because I did not do roofing.  Saying I don't know  the answer to that question and have 350,000 people hearing it  made me quite sad.  So I stopped.  People need to realize that you can't know everything all the time but they expect it.


Below is a version of the song done by a professional singer who did me a favour by rewriting the song for me and singing it.  I think he did a great job. Please tell me what you think.


His name  is

Song Writier

You can hire him to write music for you.  He is quite good at what he does and has a great studio in which to do it. 

His offcie is in Scotland, Ontario Canada


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